frozen path

until jan. 7th, 04

happy winter break!

new year, new design

In 2004 the B72 posters and flyers will be printed in 4 colours and designed using a flexible grid. (It's a trick that saves us a lot of work). Here goes january.

lighten up

videomaster Bernhard aka. 1/2 of lleuchtmittell just arrived from cologne to bend our eyes, supported by discomatic, tonight at pocketbeats #7.

picture: testing lleuchtmittell 's basic analogue setup.



One year of sensomatic club posters. This was 2003 - 2004 is in the pipeline...


from the printers

The latest in our series of print products for the lothringer dreizehn gallery in munich. This time we'll even make it to the opening on december 5th.

last friday

visuals day 2

discomatic vs. pool vs. helma vs. ulf vs. sensomatic: eight long hours of quadruple slide-projector multi layer projections + a single-slide wicked mirror projection + a discomatic dancing robot deluxe screen back projection.

All that was combined with fresh food covered in several centimetres of gelantine. Sorry you've missed the poolparty #6 (for those who weren't there).

last thursday

visuals day 1

discomatic vs. klm vs. pocketbeats: six long hours of video signal twisting.


the discomatic massive is kicking ass at pocketbeats number 6[66]

we rock your eyes - you dance 'till you stink

tik tok

vj battle

one week to go until discomatic will battle with the klm crew at the upcoming pocketbeats party for the holy grail of lightspeed.

Fastest fingers first.



although it is hard to find tasty mushrooms in november - the leaves are gone and mushrooms get eaten by birds - you can find a happy mushroomm family on next month's b72 posters.

Climate changes anyway so it's kind of a prediction.



from today on, we will terrorise innocent hickmann-class-students at the university of applied arts, every wednesday with ideas about interfaces which shall not be controlled by a mouse or keyboard.

powered by sensomatic's experience department.

pocket power

grandmaster ulf's fingers are still slighty glowing after the final tweaks on the all new shiny white pocketbeats site.

Well done you pixel-j, code-j, dj, vj and who-knows-what-else-jockey

mobile cooking

number one

First in a series: friday thai cooking experience hosted by Martin. The beautiful sign was had-painted for him in Ghana.

new friend!


a warm welcome for our new friend! he/she/it already helped us a lot with our work after presenting her-/him/itself from his/her/it's best side. Obviously our black and white friend was pretty tired afterwards.

One of those x-lings will soon travel to a place far away from here to spread out some sensomatic love.

next one


archdiploma 2003 - selected diploma theses (50 in total) now on paper, next week live at kunsthalle project space.

it's a long story

this is the result: 10 mm thick, 230x297 mm large, one in a series of publications for the faculty of architecture and urban planning. we are glad this one is finally out.


this "shirts fall into a box" animation is the only element of a super secret business to business website we can show you.

Our next project will be better documented. Promise.

wired up

the latest illustration for our b72 poster series.

btw: sensomatic is currently working on a little project which involves electricity and all that stuff you hate about physics at school. Nevertheless we are trying hard to get our heads around it (bought a book) although none of us (632452) has any idea about the basics. we'll keep you posted.

indoor camping

the latest lothringer dreizehn folding poster now all over munich.

new department!

last friday was the first official appearance of the all new senfomatic department - sensomatic's bbq crew. senf is the german word for mustard which often comes in those yellow mustard dispensers (first picture on the left).

lot's of famous bbq'ers came to our launch party on our office terrace to share their knowledge of how to get a super heat and ice cold beer.
extra loud music kept evil winter spirits off the senf flavoured party bubble.

poster update


the B72 posters for july/august and september deals with the problem of energy saving methods in water transport and their sometimes deadly consequences for fish.

good correct news.

race of the clones

for the new riffraff summer 2004 catalogue we quickly had to breed a few clones, put them on bicycles and take pictures.

Next year you might see them around your corner chasing each other. Until then ask your favourite bike wear dealer for an insight into the future of real bike wear stylee.

welcome ilona!

business as usual

we're off next week for spreading out our brand new, silvery business cards (shown in a silver box) all over Germany, Switzerland and of course Austria. They are great for levelling tables, filtering evil fumes or as a little help, if someone want's to know where we work.

lothringer 13

fresh from the printers: neon colour stationery and folding posters for the Munich art space lothringer 13.

green, grill and good

online galore: more sensomatic design for one of the top ten austrian advertising agencies. they liked it so much they used the design with an inverted colour scheme for their 'experimental' site, too.

lines, dots and some text

here it is! A bright white, fine lines and some nice touches of blue bring you closer to the mystical world of architectural studies.

If you try really hard you might also see some naughty red. Oops, almost too much said!

...and all that just six months after we've finished the design...

lovely, lovely

and in colour!

six months of cuddly animals, breath taking wonders of mother earth and sexy machines and it still gets hotter! Stay tuned for even more overwhelming images right here, not now, but soon.

discomatic vs pocketbeats

take your disco out of your pocket and enjoy the battle between the incredible eye-twisting discomatic vjs and the supersonic frequency-bending pocketbeat djs, tonight at the nelson's.

shake your ***

it has been reported that discomatic’s dancing robot has turned into a miami bass bastard and will appear on the upcoming pocketbeats event (thursday, 5th of june).

Ulf's airconditioned brain, his swift fingers and himself are now part of the discomatic familiy. A big HELLOOOO! More news and information about Ulf will come.

blogging on tv

right now (2.50pm) and for the first time on public tv (ever!) the ORF (Austrian public broadcasting channel) is filming the real life of real blogger (or weblogger or whatever). Our office mate henso in the spotlight.

The ORF people don't need high tech if you give them a chair with wheels...

The pushing man is Geri G. the best surfer in vienna.

very nice:

hektor, the graffiti robot.


from the printers

the first in a series of publications for the university of technology.

10 different ways to get to our output section on the

new — oh, so dr! — startpage >

output putout putput outout

here it is! From now on we don't have to remember what we've done in the past; we just have to look at our new output section.

happy easter

happy easter holidays from the sensomatic bunnies. we will be offline for the next week or so, 'pecking' easter eggs and picking easter flowers.

another image…

…which we can't use for a poster — too many details this time.


no mix-ups here.
just the plant.
it's called monstera or swiss cheese plant.
and it currently brightens up the streets and walls in vienna.

E 256

grey white red

three colours are enough to give the students at the institute for spatial design the information they need.

It is still a bit under development but our part is done.

too similar

this plant looks too similar to another plant. That's why you can only see the image here and not on posters. Monstera does it's job well, too.

ok good

sensomatic total branding.

cable car

sensomatic'c 3rd attempt to make grey walls look nicer.


old school baby

the little man with the glasses will soon enrichen the pages of some architecture and design magazines in Germany. Mr. G. will promote another beautiful magazine which promotes a website called arcguide.

We like promotions.


you can now even walk sensomatic's chessmateys if you wear the ultra limited edition of the all new mateybags.

I you want one (for approx. 35 euros) get in touch with the nice people at +rosebud and ask for one. (Their email address starts with ask@...)

hyper hyper!

the highly energetic hyperkit kids Kate and Tim are currently our guests.
If their eyes would be able to suck in all the things they are looking at with extraordinary interest, half of vienna would have already disappeared.

Megamatey No. 001

Model 'Bishop'

It measures 2.10 x 2.12 metres, weighs about 100 kilos and took us ages to build and paint: The first sensomatic Megamateyâ„¢, yours for only 2990 Euros! See it now at Unit-F, Vienna, or after Feb. 14th at our place (we'll store all our stuff inside, yay!).


this is a part of our MEGAMATEY which was presented to the world yesterday (see below).

A picture of the complete figure will be up as soon as we've found our brains again - yes we've got some!

see/touch this matey

maybe the a little bit bigger one ...

... tomorrow at the unit-f in vienna as part of the +rosebud exhibition / issue #4 release party.

For even more action discomatic and other world famous people like Ulf or Paul will play their favourite songs opposite the f at the ra'mien bar.

Be there to be seen.

t-shirts are on the way

ok.good all over europe.

the shirts have been put into small cold resistant plastic bags, branded with the unique ok.good.sensomatic sticky stickers and will soon be touching the smooth skins of nice people in the U.K, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy - if they don't do already.

ol' fellow

the other day he was just watchig butterflies dancing in the air. Soon he will be all over vienna in front of his favourite mountain.


the new year brings new sensomatic postcards and stickers. yay!

we wish you

a happy new year!