happy christmas and new year!
sensomatic are back on january 7th 2008.

output update

Latest work has been updated in our output section: archdiploma 2007, GMJO leaflet and programme, rajek barosch website, Opernringhof booklet and Kunstverein Wolfsburg/Green Dreams galore.

Bringing colour to the people

the latest poster for the Kunstverein Wolfsburg. Images of stickers, buttons and catalogues will follow later this year. We are waiting for a christmas package from the Kunstverein with all the latest things we've done in it.

archdiploma 2007

A lot of orange stuff just arrived from the printer — archdiploma exhibition posters, leaflets, catalogue and small catalogue which was a free supplement to Architektur & Bauforum.

GMJO auditions

This year's Gustav Mahler Orchestra auditions are coming up, touring Europe from Belgrade to Zurich. We designed leaflet and posters.

doing something with nature

Most of us like nature so it's good to know that people like rajek barosch are taking care of it. From now on you have the great opportunity to see how the world looks after they have touched it at their shiny white website.

Two people working for four on six projects each at the same time. With some assistance of Sir John, the mobile bar on customised bycicles.

Salzburger Kunstverein

magazin 10/11

We re-designed the Salzburger Kunstverein's annual report which is now a magazine. Issue 10/11 has just been released. designed by us


from the press

Work fiction exhibition poster and invite. Plus an illustration.

we need a

summer break: August 01—20

rock'n roll information

the holy hurricanes will rock the arena for half an hour next saturday (14th). If the 3 canes are healthy you will see them on stage some time after 8 p.m. In case of changes to the plan or for an accoustic impression you can look at their myspace.

PS the beer will be cheap and there will also be a performance of old skool black metal (angry people with paint in their face). I didn't even know that it exists!

late update

Zwischenspiel, an exhibition of photography by students of the Academy of fine Arts Vienna, is hosted by Verbund, Austria's major electricity producer (all from water, btw.). To be seen until September at the Verbund's headquarter's 'Vertical Gallery' (aka the staircase) — Am Hof 6a.

Dieter the man

The clever architect Dieter Spath has now his first website and soon his first festival. That's what we call reduced to the core.

woodpecker sounds

The woodpecker is back. Last year's permanent visitor in our garden is early this year. We'll be pounding our keys to his (or her) hammering sounds again.

from disco to home

the robot is back!

Good news for all people with hay fever! Now you've got a good excuse for staying home all day. The discomatic massive has created the discomaticâ„¢ paper robot home editionâ„¢ so you can build your own little robot at home. Great fun for free!

All you need is a printer, heavy paper and some old skool tools.
Now go and create your new friend! You could even build an entire dancing robot army for world domination and flood the world with disco!

BTW If you dig deep enough you will find some helpful tool tips.

Next one

in the series

The next catalogue in the series for the Kunstverein Wolfsburg is a book full of oddities and artworks that can be read from front or back — a catalogue for the two Müller brothers of underground music fame .


like wimmer

Mr Wimmer is an architect who now has a very nice sensomatic-stylee website — concept wise (let's not talk about the details).

Big buildings require big letters. Capitals for the capital.

Next Level

from last year

The catalogue for the 'Next Level' exhibition which started last year. It's been out for a couple of weeks but we didn't manage to take pictures of it.

The exhibition was about art and games, that's why the cover has this 80's game look.

it's too small!

find out more about typography and particularly why you can/can't read our designs today at 9 past 5 (p.m.) on Ö1 radio.

Btw. you won't get an answer about how big type should be — it depends, you know …


Tomorrow 19h starts the Kraftwerke exhibtion in the former Semperdepot in Vienna. There will be (massive) photos, videos and illustrations of Austrian hydro power plants. It's powered by the hydro power department of the Verbund.

We made the poster, invitation and catalogue for it.


An overdue update of our output section. We added more or less new pictures of our work under:

* ECHO_____OK
* Kunstverein Wolfsburg 06
* phaenomenale

german architects

go web

we are far away from our office but thanks to the unlimited possibilties of the world wide web, we found a way to put the new website of the bueroir architects live.

We created the logo a while ago and can now enjoy the digital version of it from all over the world.