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off for refreshing our brains

they build houses

we sites

visit our latest site with houses. More details of Scheel | Inselsbacher projects will be available as soon as phase two kicks in. Possible in 2006 but we won't make promises.

More sites with building sites and finished boxes with roofs in 2006. We promise.

the future is now

put the image to the right! It's a bit like poster ping pong.

Anyways, that's the super latest poster for the below mentioned Kunstverein. The prospect of two cities, one built around a car (Wolfsburg/GER) and the other one built around a (former gigantic) steel work (Nowa Huta/PL), in about 40 years time when they will become 100.

The idea badly squeezed in one sentence but nicely put on paper.

We're more and more shifting to dark backgrounds.

high voltage

this is the invitation we did for the last exhibition of the Kunstverein Wolfsburg. The poster for the next exhibition is almost ready for printing so we thought we should get our bottoms(?) up to keep the world and a barn in Wales up to date.

Krystle Grant ...

Jennings Carrington ...

... has absolutely nothing to do with the latest exhibition at Munich's lothringer dreizehn gallery. "Liquid Crystal" the title is which sounds a little bit like the name above. Go, check it out if you are around. It's free and you can get one of the posters we made.

diggin' deep

while looking for something completely different I stumbled over this illustration which was supposed to be part of a sensomatic sub page which never got (and will be) realised. It's too nice to rot in a folder of a folder of another folder and so on.

Some might know it from one of our stickers, but that's just the basic silver and red version and not this sporty one.

suse uhmann


We made this website for Suse Uhmann, a friend of us who lives in Milano and has an eye for the odd detail. Another long-going project from our making-stuff-for-friends-when-we-have-time department.

autumn break

closed from 31.10. – 4.11.

mainly for testing

but also for today's birthday matey: rss feed updated to 2.0 Harvard stylee


Now in our output section: the new, 200-pages archdiploma 2005 catalogue .



Fresh from the printers: the book 'Non-Stop. A reader about the ambivalence of war and peace', published by Kunstverein Wolfsburg and revolver books, will be presented at this year's Frankfurt book fair.



The best of architecture degree show archdiploma 2005 is now on at Kunsthalle Wien project space. We designed the poster and a 200-page catalogue and tried to keep it minimal.


The exhibition is now over but we just updated our output section with our design work for ECHO____OK.


* 16.09.2004

one year of happiness


this is not an abstract piece of art. It's just our ripped up office floor for the plumber to attach our toilets not just to the ground — as it was until the sewage water came back from the wet soaked underground through our not yet finished shower — but to a working pipe.

We thought we'll show you pictures of our new office when it's finished but there is no end in sight so here's a first impression (after more than two months) of how we spend most of the day.

No, we are not bitter. At least not very.


closed view

see some screenshots of a "not so new anymore but it doesn't matter, because it not accessible anyway" website.

One day it will be open source and available for everyone, but you shouldn't wait for it.

It looks nice, though.


for two weeks

off to cooler grounds:
01.08 – 12.08.05


We designed the identity – so far invite and poster – for an exhibition of two artists, Stefan Eberstadt and Hans Steinbrenner at Rathausgalerie Munich, 15.7.-18.8. 2005.

not even the moon!

You've thought the moon is autonomous? You've been completely wrong. It's not. This poster for the latest "lothringer dreizehn" exhibition is the proof. You could try Pluto or Uranus but there are no guaranties. We have no information about planets in other solar systems yet, so keep on looking and don't forget the cone on your helmet (don't mix it up with the cone for a friend – sigh, good ol' times).

New address

hollandstrasse 7/17
a-1020 vienna
t +43 1 908 12 96

Non Stop

no nonsense

Our latest design for the Kunstverein Wolfsburg's exhibition coming up: Non Stop, a project about the Ambivalence of War and Peace. Peace!

construction site sign

Our first construction site sign was installed at a prominent and highly frequented location, the Karlsplatz passage. Just a shame it is not exactly our target group of clients who hangs out there.

pencils, rubber ...

... and paper. Some people might remember them. With these good old times tools we just made some illustrations for the arcguide magazine. Soon out — on paper.

192 pages of tables and text

our long runner of the year has just been finished. The latest publication of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning (at the TUV) contains tons of information packed into well formatted tables and beautiful text columns, all coverd with a sea blue (well) cover. The next publication is already knocking at our screens.

it's now official

this is our new office which we will share with some other nice people, because we would have to look for each other all the time due to massive space.

Not sure yet where to put the desks exactly.

rapid prototyping

We produced a prototype of our discomatic clothing range today. The robot is not printed but cut out and sewed onto the fabric. Chances that this goes into production are very small due to our constant lack of time.

let it be light

the street department found this dust coverd lamp from the 60's (or was it 70's?. Anyway, it's old) on the street. It's now recovering in our flat from the shock of being left alone. Mr Hans-Agne Jakobsson is responsible for the look.

hands on

it nothing goes wrong, this will be our new office. We might add some curtains or a carpet so it will be a bit more cosy. What you see is the summer set up. In winter the snow will work as a natural insulation. Nature makes everything so cheap!

power up

sensomatic's first intern ever has just started working. Since women are experts in multi tasking we chose Ann Kathrin to speed us up a bit for the next six months. hooray, third gear!


Our design for the PS Arquitectos — now documented in our output section.

let's get political

well, not here but on the new dialog website. It's the place to go if you have an opinion about racism in film and theory of film — or if you want to get one (if you speak German).

computer crash

our latest one. At least no files got corrupted. Can’t remember the application which caused it (might have been "" or something similar)



The russian design scene interviewed one half of sensomatic. Now the result is printed black on yellow in the moscow designer magazine. Anyone understand russian?

tool time

still living in isometric land.