stay home

watch tv

chz & flk trying to remember the name of a tv series while competing against each other.

Yesterday sensomatic took part in a tv series music quiz "simple questions, right answers" at the viennese museumsquartier. A place in the semi finals made them proud owner of a record with original music from the world famous crime series "derrick" (derrick) and "der alte" (the old one).

The also part taking henso (who took the picture above) proofed that he preferred playing outside rather than staying in to watch tv.

Playing outside currently isn't fun at all as the outside temperatures are dropping to up to minus thirteen (-13) degrees (celsius) during the day.

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the newsroom southeast will provide you with lots of interesting information about sensomatic and all the rest and a bit more.

it will hopefully be updated at least once a week and you might see some pictures you wish you would never have seen.