Let there be chrome!

and red – and yellow

It’s been a while since we last finished a makover bicycle.

This time a vintage Peugeot bicycle (late 70’s/early 80’s?) got some shiny new and painstakingly polished old and even newly chrome-plated parts.

The red theme was chosen by Annika who now will dazzle the hassled and make the tarmac sizzle.

PS: Yes, we even had some broken screws to be remade by a locksmith!

PPS: Here’s the big picture

Lesen ist schön!

Reading is wonderful, a book about 10 years of exhibitions at the Kinderbuchhaus im Schneiderhäusl, was presented last friday.
Latest news: our book received the »Kröte des Monats« (Toad of the Month) award by STUBE, the Austrian Advisory Board for Children and Youth Literature.