back on jan. 11th

screenprint posters

Fresh from the screenprinter’s workshop: Our design for an art intervention at ’Blaue Lagune‘, a prefab exhibition just outside Vienna. The sensomatic screen team printed at the University of Angewandte Kunst.

discomatic rocks da MAK

We, sensomatic, are part of an exhibition at the MAK Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna. The exhibition was curated by Omar Vulpinari, head of Visual Communications at Fabrica. He selected 12 Austrian more or less young design teams. Sensomatics discomatic department, with Ulf Harr, have created two amazing old-school interactive dance installations: one on the top floor (the so-called gambling-den) and the other outside. Go and dance with the robot! Wicked!!

and in the news: der Standard

Finally available: the discomatic stuffed robot

In time with the exhibition opening we launched the first, limited edition of 50 soft, stuffed discomatic robots. Now on sale at the MAK Museum of Applied Arts Design Shop for the bargain price of 45 Euros.
Be quick. Wicked!

posters 2009

Fresh from the post: two posters we designed for the Kunstverein Wolfsburg in 2009.

A Piece of Water

One of the most complicated productions we made was the catalogue for the exhibition »A Piece of Water« featuring photographic works by students, sponsored by our client Verbund AHP.
The japanese-bound pages were printed from the inside with mirror-inverted type onto very thin paper. The result looks like the type was projected onto the page.

All must go

We designed plastic bags, posters and brochures for »Alles muss raus« (All must go) — a collaboration between three Viennese off-theatres. The theatres are selling off tickets for special shows during june.


After optician Roland Bischel refurbished his shop he asked us for a new Logo. So we designed him business cards and vouchers which fit perfectly to the new look of the shop.
For the winter season he asked us for a design for his shop window which wasn’t just Mr Klaus and his transport vehicle. So we came up with an image of a time when animals could live peaceful together and weren’t misused by evil marketing people.

cut and glue

Announced almost three months ago and finally in our output box: the lettering for the STANYS apartment hotel.

We are getting there!

fantastic couple

2008 was a great year. Especially for the catalogues we designed. Two of them are Neumeister’s Plastic Fantastic and Chair Affair

power for 08 and 09

Once upon a time … Again something we designed some time ago. The Verbund calendar 2008 and — a bit fresher — it’s successor the Verbund calendar 2009. Each printed in a limited edition of 500 for selected clients of the green power provider.

Multiple man

See the work of artist Oliver Marceta on his brand new website This man is crazy so don’t be surprised about the English/Slovenian/German text mix.

Hint for all underage viewers: There’s nudity ahead!

high flying planes

another item of 2008. We designed posters, postcards a brochure and a website for the docufiction Flyers which means Flieger which means Aviadores.

Information: A docufiction is a documentary with actors playing the protagonists and some invented scenes to make your hands more sweaty. Like in Star Wars or Finding Nemo

funny ears

Our vectorized version of grumpy Herr Spock welcomes the audience of this year’s Phaenomenale. Online at and offline around Wolfsburg and Braunschweig.



We finally documented work reaching back to summer 2008. Amongst other projects, Czernin Verlag’s 2009 spring programme is now online.