22 years ago …

We just remembered our third and last digital advent calender. Wrju’s adventures in december 2000.
Every day a new screen was unlocked and you had to look for the current day’s cube.
Some of the daily surprises were created by friends, some by us.

Technology has changed a bit in the last 22 years so not all suprises are working anymore.

The exploded goose was created with our legendary rasterizer which transformed greyscale images into pattern images (like this one here).

Buch Wien


It's this time of the year again: days get shorter, temperatures fall, the weather is misty. What better way to spend a day than in a Messehalle full of books? Buch Wien here we come.

Schönste Bücher 2021

This year’s brochure about last year’s Most Beautiful Austrian Books – Die Schönsten Bücher Österreichs – was presented already a few weeks ago. Featuring Soleil by Wolfgang Homola, LEUV print by Holzhausen Druck and beautiful japanese binding by Papyrus.

Mahler Forum

We just returned from this year’s Mahler Forum in Klagenfurt, two days of inspiring art, discussions and music.

public art

lower austria

All projects of public art lower austria between 2017 and 2019 are documented in this book: 336 pages, linen bound, embossed, published at VFMK.