well deserved

off on holiday until jan, 10th. Hooray!

late update

although it's very hard for us to differentiate between the kunstraum and kunstverein — wordwise — we updated our output area with our work for both institutions and didn't mix them up!

let us build!

we've made tons of illustrations for a lego-like manual for the new "Lukas Lang" wood house toy box (not available yet). With the box you can build your next house in a 1:8 scale before you get your hands on the real one.

surprise surprise

this is the latest of the folding posters we did for the lothringer dreizehn gallery in munich.

check the east

we're so busy that we even don't manage to update our website (that's not completely true, otherwise you wouldn't see this).

So while you are waiting for more updates you can find out sensomaticly designed facts about a new documentary which currently hits European film festivals by clicking on this "across the border" link.

Back to work ...

and off again ...

we will be in munich for a week, meeting clients, friends and family.

first encounter with clients on sunday at the finissage (exhibition ending party) of the "strips & characters" exhibition at the kunstraum muenchen. We made the posters (picture) and a comic stylee catalog for it which will be also shown in Wolfsburg – further details soon.

are you dry and calm?

with the invitation to moisturize your skin and to increase the momentum of your status quo (physically) an ear tingleing wave of sweet harmonies inspires the bitmap version of our companion on the right for expressing his joy of life. Oh he's so wonderfully gay (now it's time for you to check your dictionary, eh?).

It's only a few clicks away. Meaning clickadiclickclick

You obviously have to plug something in first if it isn't already.

white leather pants

it's not really new anymore but that's the poster and postcard we did for the current exhibtion of the kunstverein wolfsburg.

one of us many sensomatics originally comes from the land where everybody is wearing leather pants, yodelling while eating saussages and drinking beer out of enormous buckets for breakfast. Now you know.

japanese stylee

the fancy new muliplast site has just gone live. Little muli is pretty tired after shifting all those pixels to the server. he's deserved some sleep.



sensomatic's back on the design track.

the first part of the all new but still redish diagonale website is online.


6:57 am


one two three

who's got the hardest shot?

one of these two posters made it to the finals and won the bronce medal in a competition for the munich city poster for the football world cup 2006.

orange extravaganza


on the new artikus business cards you will see what you can do with two pantone colours and a stencil. It's almost multidimensional!

we care

the latest member of our low budget project series is a cd-rom (remember?) about water projects in Myanmar. Let it flow!


spontaneous appearance of the discomatic mazzive tonight at kl/ck. Special guest is our brand new star thing. ah, it's just too good for a name …

still too busy, btw!

the alps

that's how they look like wenn you are on top of a high building in munich, eating your yummy liver loaf sandwich with sweet mustard. Just for your information.

You might also eat a [holy] radish sandwich.

just busy

hello. we're not super lazy or off for an everlasting holiday but a little bit too busy at the moment. So no updates or news for the next few days due to massive computa bending.
Well, we've been off last week but that doesn't count ...

Oh, I am uncle now btw. so let's send a supersonic "wicked!" to my sister, her fertile man and the new master of suck.

more kunstverein

We produced this sticking tape for the Kunstverein Wolfsburg, amongst other print products. It was used instead of invites/posters.


11 by 13 is the basic rule for the new kunstverein wolfsburg website. It's all based on the nice and simple logo which you will see on our site more often in the future (and three entries below).

mono is the new stereo.

big in Berlin

we're off for a week to see some clients and Friends and maybe animals in Berlin, Wolfsburg, Lübeck and Hamburg.
More sensomatic updates afterwards.

mini preview

Fresh from the printers: a mini-sized folding brochure presenting the 2004 program of the Kunstverein Wolfsburg. It fits in your pocket!

all modern

from now on you can even read our news with your favourite rss reader.
Just enter: and that's it!

For all those who want to access each news entry directly we have added some "show" stuff to the rss items.

Thanks to the clever shepherd for pushing and the holy modernist for helping.

out now

New exhibition at lothringer 13: Xtreme Houses, featuring projects by AllesWirdGut, Atelier van Lieshout, FAT and many more.

handmade again

this nice fella will hopefully help you to know one of the world's most boring books "pride and prejudice" without reading it.

On one page.

Not now, but at the end of this summer – if no higher force interferes.


or arse?

we just arrived from a meeting in a nice restaurant in Belgrade (aka as the belly in Belgrade trip). We actually met in two restaurants on two days but that doesn't really matter.

Crazy Mr. Tosic was our hyperactive host who made our time in the city very enjoyable and made us eat almost too much delicious food. We don't have any pictures yet because we used an old school analogue camera and now we don't know how to get the pictures from the camera into the computer. The cable doesn't fit.

We also attended several anti-parties and picnics enriched by our local guide Milos who always knows the date. Another man with a similar name tried to convince us that a fart is art — decide for yourself ...

There were also many other nice people from all around the world I won't mention, because I have to do some work now.

It's hard not to create art, but you can if you really want to.

mass production

278 icons and a numb index finger. After some hours of clicking we now have finished the icons for the Lukas Lang architectural construction set software. As the name already tells it's for constructing (wood) houses.

happy pixels

my eyes are close to popping out from painting lots and lots and lots of little icons for a software for those who like lego-like houses.

and off again for more pixel clicking.

site update

due to the fact that some people got lost trying to find us on this world we slightly updated our contact page to guide all our visitors directly to our sofa.


output updates (B72, lothringer 13 and WUK)

as far as the wind blows

take a deep breath and check out the new website of the Viennese wind quintett qWIENtett.



And the stickers success story continues: this time for Alexa Zahn, a soon-to-be world famous architect.



You missed it again: pocketbeats was 1 year old yesterday, so the discomatic massive celebrated at flex last night. This time with multi projections and video walls extravaganza. Wicked!


the discomatic robot has finally moved to his new home. Watch that space for further updates.

Thanks to the p3k organisation for lots of things. More integration of our beloved org in this robot worshipping clan will hopefully follow.

ps. you need osx for a perfect display 'cause it knows how to deal with type...

back from

watching millions of movies

with dry, tired eyes we crouched back to the city of melting snow. It's the most dangerous time now, because the roof-avalanches (big chunks of snow falling from very high roofs on your head) makes it dangerous to walk on the pavement. The only way to avoid getting killed by the wet, heavy snow is to get killed by a car, or bus, or tram.

Pictures on top: Impressions from the diagonale. As you can see, a lot of people read our paper (see picture below).

which one?

4 or 5

it hasn't been the quickest production ever but eventually it's there: the weird coloured double issue of the poolbook. 64 pages of colourful images and interesting texts revealing absolutely everything!

We'll tell you once it's for sale — it will be very cheap 'cause the pool architects like you so much.

we go south

woohay! we're off to Graz today to watch millions of movies for free at the diagonale. The "Romantic Park Hotel" is waiting.

More examples of our fab design skills next week (oh it's great to be arrogant!).



A week of announcements finishes with the launch of the DIAGONALE 04 newspaper, presented today at the press conference in Vienna and yesterday in Graz. It is a supplement to the Kleine Zeitung today and was printed in a run of 300.000. Oh, and it's the festival newspaper for this year's austrian film festival.

Optik Bischel

goes www

The day is here to announce that the websites for Optik Bischel and their associated shop die sonnenbrille are live. We also designed logo, business cards and vouchers for our favourite client, Mr. Roland Bischel.


and bloody

one flyer for many people — including vegetarians.

Our new Lambchop concert announcement for the wuk.

read what we read

in this month's (offline – paper) issue of the page magazine you can read what our intellectual mastermind Christine is reading for feeding her brains.

Learn german if you want to know what it's really all about! For instant enlightening flip to page 112.



The B72 club gets february flyers using a colour palette against the winter depression.
(we aren't called a 'full service design agency' for no reason)

clicking forbidden

Our students at uni presented their projects for our workshop called 'klicken verboten' today. Unfortunately there are no photos of evidence but there will be project links to follow. (This image is courtesy of Kasimir and his team of music visualizers).


in action

Today sensomatic made a company trip to the land south of Vienna. After visiting our favourite client (identity to be revealed soon) we checked out a rusty factory building called trum made by our favourite landlords. Wicked!



Update: our first print product in 2004 were these stickers for Georg Schnellnberger, a photographer.


it's not working in this room

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