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Although we spend most of the time working on commercial projects, every now and then we are (or better: have been) busy with things which don’t fit into the business category. Here is what we do when there’s some time left.

After more than ten years we must admit that this time has decreased dramatically — not just due to the fact that we have more work to do but also because someone is waiting for us at home (to make their dinner).

<figcaption>discomatic’s recording gear</figcaption>
discomatic’s recording gear
<figcaption>the discomatic massive on stage</figcaption>
the discomatic massive on stage
<figcaption>the discomatic paper robot on the set of a photo shooting</figcaption>
the discomatic paper robot on the set of a photo shooting
<figcaption>prosthetics on</figcaption>
prosthetics on
<figcaption>silkscreen printed helicopter on a ok.good felt bag</figcaption>
silkscreen printed helicopter on a ok.good felt bag
<figcaption>behind the scenes</figcaption>
behind the scenes
<figcaption>ok.good t-shirt — 1st edition</figcaption>
ok.good t-shirt — 1st edition
<figcaption>illustration for ok.good</figcaption>
illustration for ok.good
<figcaption>gueststüberl was the first and last sensomatic guestbook</figcaption>
gueststüberl was the first and last sensomatic guestbook
<figcaption>sensominder image — a 90’s postcard service to make the world or your flat a better place</figcaption>
sensominder image — a 90’s postcard service to make the world or your flat a better place
<figcaption>day six of the second edition of the legendary advent calendar</figcaption>
day six of the second edition of the legendary advent calendar
<figcaption>an unknown day of the third edition of the legendary advent calendar</figcaption>
an unknown day of the third edition of the legendary advent calendar


‘ok.good.sensomatic’ was used for the first things we put out before sensomatic became a design studio. It was meant as the understated version of good.better.besteresterest. We also liked the fact that when agreeing to something or making a decision one often says ‘ok good’ (in German: ‘ok, gut’).

ok.good soon became a more independent label, although it never seperated from sensomatic. All physical goods we produce — like the discomatic stuffed robot, postcards, bags or t-shirts — are released under ok.good. Most of them are handmade and produced in a very limited number, designed by sensomatic (of course).

Very, very, very irregularly we updated the website when there was something new available.

In October 2015 we transfromed ok.good into a record label. The first record to be released will be a Holy Hurricanes record, of course.


Initially sensomatic wasn’t planned as a design studio. It served as a virtual home for our off-work projects and portfolios.
While studying and working in London we also used it as a diary to keep our friends and families up to date.

We’ve produced several web pages/sites and some of them got deleted when moving hosts, outdated or overwritten by new ones. In a nostalgic moment we decided not to send them into digital nirvana but to archive them here. We would like to pay respect to our friend’s contributions to these pages.
Plese note that some of these relicts look slightly broken because browser technology has changed or even became obsolete (Netscape!). We also had to turn some functionalities off when spammers turned into robots.

Anyway, have a look at sensostalgica.


The legendary discomatic robot was was first introduced in 2002 for the 5th and legendary poolparty where he danced on a backlit screen next to the crazy crowd. Since then he physically appeared on a stamp, as a plush toy, on sweatshirts, etc. One of our interns, Bettina, even built a shiny multispeaker lo-fi edition in the robot’s shape.

Digitally he successfully fought VJ-battles in clubs (like Flex in Vienna) and once brought two lonely hearts together when spicing up one of the pockebeats nights together with lleuchtmittel from Cologne.
Discomatic was joined by designer and DJ Ulf Harr and converted into the discomatic massive. The massive brought the bass to bounce parties, got wet and wild for a show at the MAK (Museum of Applied Arts Vienna) and recorded the unreleased Toasted Tapes sessions of the Holy Hurricanes. features some of the Massive’s activities. Check out the downloadable Paper Robot Home Edition or trigger some sickness on the flickering medley page.

In the late 90’s/beginning of the 21st century we thought we’d spend more time thinking about design, interfaces and the rest. At we created a digital space for our non-visual work (= written stuff) and that of our friends.
Eventually it ended up as the last refugium for our (and our colleagues’) diploma theses and other texts about interfaces and internet things which we thought were relevant back then. Actually some aspects are still relevant.

Looking at these texts now, they appear like out of a html-time-capsule.