A new cinema for Vienna

Soon to come: Filmcasino's new branch, Filmhaus, is about to open. Be sure to check out their beautiful bar for drinks before and after the films.

One more time

We have ordered spring to come to our favorite optician’s shop with strings in red, green, yellow and blue. Walking past has never been so colourful!

two new books

Two beautiful new books by Czernin Verlag!
SOLO is going viral at the moment – check out #hotdudesreadingSOLO

Filmcasino 2018

2018 started in red, blue and green for Filmcasino cinema. There is more to come in April when their new branch, the Filmhaus, opens with a new design and a beautiful new bar.

For those stoned and rocked

Not super fresh but still hot. The beautiful record cover for the latest and first album of our much loved, mostly drunk band: The Holy Hurricanes.
Intense listening and printing destroyed vital parts of our brains so we forgot to mention that production for quite a while.

Anyway, what was the question again?

Opening Thursday Jan 25th

Opening on January 25th this comprehensive exhibition about public art in carinthia features temporary as well as permanent work. Sensomatic are responsible for the overall graphic identity and display design.