Goethe Posters

On the occasion of Goethe Institut’s 70th birthday we were commissioned to design 10 A0-sized posters, each featuring a literary quote that relates to the institution. The posters were presented in Munich and Berlin (on our bespoke poster stand design, see photo © Bernhard Ludewig) and will travel around the world next year.

The most beautiful of the beautiful

A very beautiful publication on the most beautiful Austrian books, designed by sensomatic’s good looking department, has just left the print shop. More exciting images, fonts, texts and bookbinder specialities are hidden underneath the hood (= cover – for all non car enthusiasts).

Inside pretty, outside pretty.

Let’s go big

Massive signs helped over 40,000 people to find their way to the Austrian Book Fair during the last couple of days.

Lots of other (huge) colourful sensomatic designs were on display inside. From arches to elephants to numbers and stars.

Last Exit Bischel

Traiskirchen is now connected to the underground network. Roland Bischels clients can get on track now towards clear sight, turn left for cool sunglasses and change lines for contact lenses. Nice job, Subservice.

Buch Wien

Vienna Book Fair

And finally the Vienna Book Fair's programme received a redesign and is now a slim, lightweight brochure containing all related events around town.

Austrian Book Prize


We redesigned the brochure presenting this year's nominees for the Austrian Book Prize. Find your free copy at your booksellers.

Mahler Forum

for MusicandSociety

We spent last weekend in Klagenfurt listening to songs and lectures around the ideas of Gustav Mahler. Our design merged beautifully with Nataša Sienčniks artwork which was presented in the woods around Gustav Mahlers composing hut at Lake Wörthersee.