poolparty 5


finally online: the poolparty pictures featuring discomatic, beautiful people and black food en masse. not to be missed (in cased you missed it)!


christmas is here already: sensomatics super storage shelving unit, ready for the years to come, has arrived.

taking off

the first of [hopefully] 12 pantone dreams for the b72 bar.

No, there's no reason for that helicopter.

sensomatic analog

xmas present

it's time for some action! Go to your nearest book shop (which sells design books) and get one of four (or all) versions of the latest +rosebud magazine. It's not expensive and you can enjoy sensomatic's chess mateys whenever you like - as well as other nice things.


fred goes minimal

from now on "fred" users will have to click on sensomatic's icon selection to do what has to be done.

no shadows or 3d overkill. let's keep it flat!

fyi: fred is not a poor little austrian mountain farmer - it's a software thingy.


see you next year. we had a great time. thank you!


mission international:
fc sensomatic in London


poolparty power pack

poolparty 5 (see below) featuring discomatic (see below)

discomatic robot (picture) is waiting for you. please come.

sssc updated

meet new links and old friends


at the poolparty 5

find your way to the party via discomatic (!! heavy animated gif speedkiller !!).

Don't forget: it's on the 8th of november which is a friday. So primarily remember "FRIDAY".

text on screen

after the word (could be a few more than one) was spread around, our type department was asked to make the titles for a documentary called "vielleicht habe ich glück gehabt" (maybe I've been lucky).

capital letters will rock the (cinema and tv) screen some time in the near future.

don't play with food

after six months in the box, the tiny gaumenspiel (gum game) site is finally online. Go there if you are hungry and in vienna.

(we don't have anything to do with the logo, no no!)

a family goes www

Soon to come: my father's online archive of wildlife photography. As a first step, our family headquarters have just been connected to the woo-woo-woo!

sensomatic meets otto

a new publication about mr iconmaster [otto] neurath with a contribution by our picture modification department is out now. An english version will be out soon, so no excuses in future for not knowing about 100-year-old supermodern icon existance.

Big "thumbs up" to farmer Erwin.

whot ya parents neva told ya

read the real story about those little dwarfes, their room mate and the witch with her ball.

talk of the town opening

munich style

everything you always wanted to know about the munich opening-crowd, the people who were there, what they were wearing and talking about: here.

3 years ago

minus one day

We left the continent towards the rainy city of London. Yesterday the sensomatic team celebrated with traditional greasy-spoon English Breakfast lunch.

please be patient

take more time (at least 10 seconds) for the important things of life.

you do the talking

freshly taken from the printer's press. The poster/folder for the "talk of the town" exhibition in munich, uncut.

Cut and folded in a few days. Only in munich. Go and see them.

30 years of beauty

happy birthday christine!

rossman & tomboy

these two good looking men are currently our guests as the first invasion of english people in our flat.
Both are working/studying at fabrica in italy.

The one with the itchy balls is Mr. Fasttalking Mumblingman, the other Mr. Nipplecat.
We say hello.

123456 72

online luxury

sensomatic's colour fairies and the wizards of hyperplexed have implanted a few extra hands to get viennese's best bar&club site (evaa!) up and running.

sensomatic holidays

Check out the the true story about what we do when we don't do anything. It's a lot.

sneak preview

get a glimpse of our contribution for the upcoming fourth issue of the +rosebud magazine.

Action mateys!


we are still not dead, still busy but not as busy as we've been in the last couple of weeks and still good looking. We will be off on holiday for the next two weeks. New stuff out in august.

It is still very hot in vienna. No clouds.

Hello to everybody I haven't talked to for ages and also to the rest. Holiday here we come!


a phenomenon

This is the time of the year when nobody knows what to talk about, so they talk about the fact that nobody knows what to talk about. A phenomenon called 'Sommerloch' around here.
But if you think we are victims of the Sommerloch you are wrong. Sensomatic are busy as usual. We are working on several projects (at once!), we have to re-arrange the office as our new tenant Ulf is moving in, and there's still lots to do in our flat. Oh an i've started a course in touch typing (not tele typing) today. And it hurts!


now in London

Our friends Carlos & Eva (Carlos is the one on the left) are currenly resident artists at the Austrian Cultural Forum in London.
So all you Londoners - as you probably are bored and haven't got anything planned for the next weeks anyway - go and say hello!

the real value

is here


get the gong!

sensomatic keeps it minimal

the new sensomaticly designed tecco website - currently only in german - is spreading out its blobs since today.

There are four nice animations hidden somewhere deep inside. Find them!

we help competitors

the new media phoenix Kabel New Media rose up with a new website designed by the sensomatic mudmasters.

Don't know for how long it's already online 'cause they didn't tell us.
nice one!

sensomatic international

the shiny new redesigned issue of the Bulletin 2001 (yes we know, it's 2002 but tell that a historian!) of the Bureau International des Expositions is lying on our desks.

Lot's of interesting articles, covered by a warm grey cover, collected by our favourite historian Volker Barth. It is very well readable thanks to sensomatic's sensitive design.

World's Fairs are great!

we tell you

the female part of sensomatic is featured in the untold exhibition at the ICA, London.

the male part of sensomatic is busy repairing computers.

get off your pretty face!

love,peace and fuck with brain donor! If you buy this stuporgood rock record (especially the gatefold sleeve version with neon green vinyl) you will end up like me on the picture.
Thanks to Holy McGrail's (from Kleber) illustration skills as a shiny shamanic cardboardheadman.

link of da day

please download the latest evil macromedia shockwave plug-in and enjoy the wicked Boards of Canada site made by the squareroot of James Tindall. [via p3k] - blogger stylee


we miss you...

meet our friends

part 1: Axel

This is Axel (wearing his weekend trousers). He is a specialist in bathroom fittings and builds houses. He just won an architecture prize in Burgenland. He makes good coffee. He works next door.

every friday

we rock!

more to read

our .net sisters have updated their site with a project formerly known as prosthetics. Read and play with the digital drawing pins.

Or if you just want to listen visit numer.02 on saturday in Paris (France/Europe) and let grandmaster Ulf do the talking.

website of the day

good luck with the nipples!


start animation

it's the green season, baby

for ze head

christine's famous three essays are officially online again.

Here's the link for the little search engine robots:

egg master II

the sensomatic bunnies wish everybody a happy easter. Don't eat all your sweets at once or you will become as orange as the man on the right.


egg master

we've just received our first easter survival package from the little man above.

another one has entered the atmosphere already and is expected to land within the next two days.


straight back

from the

This movie has left a permanent impression on me: around the globe in four hours (actually it was 12 months), depicting the most amazing people and their habitats.
Oh, and the conference i took part in was ok, too.

today is

a bad news day

hey, but we are not that desperate for corporate money!
i want to learn to play the steel guitar.
Sensomatic are invited to speak at the diagonale, the austrian film festival, next week.
good news after all.

premiere in orange

cosip, the first official sensomatic web product, goes online today. The website accompanies a folder, letterhead and briefcase that we designed for a EU project about counselling for children of parents with cancer.

we have just written our 100 euro worth

first invoice

let's be friends again

we've just added the friendly website of our friendly friend to our cleaned up surfer's center.

start animation update

faster! now

with both feet on the ground




our fantastic, good-looking and talented friends at kleber just made the designers republic rich by launching their wicked new shop. extra.good!

viennese wonders

the sequel

In Vienna, like everywhere else, children come in different sizes. But to keep things easy, they are separated into groups by the age of 4 when they enter Kindergarten. From this age on Viennese children have to wear colour coded hats according to their size. Yellow means very small.

here's our yummy

eye blasting deluxe version!


played by zmölnig

I was very excited to witness my brother Reinhard's solo performance playing the Viennese Horn in the Konzerthaus last night. Reinhard seemed very cool on stage and kept taking his instrument apart in order to drain it from spit and water.
This made us think he had terrible problems keeping his instrument in one piece which for us added a certain thrill to the event.
But only to find out afterwards that it is absolutely normal for horn-players to wet the floor with the spit-fluids out of their instruments during a performance. Duh!

building site


this picture shows the state our flat is currently in. it is very raw (with a sense of 'now' as anyone in tv would put it), the pipes are currently being installed along with the electrics.
as a result, the entire house wakes up to the drilling sound of the electrician's power-wall-cutting machine every day at 7 am.
as you can imagine, our neighbours are loving it (nominate! nominate!)


official fantasy nameâ„¢

sensomatic is now an official company.

Although sensomatic and especially sensomatic design is a fantasy name we were allowed to keep it in our company name which is:

sensomatic design
zmölnig & koch oeg

We payed the fees and got lots of stamps for our documents and offical signatures (everything has to be offical if you run a company).
We celebrated this great day with a ham and egg sandwich.


business trip no.1

I went to visit Fabrica, benetton's research centre near Treviso in northern Italy last week. It was good to see Ross and Andy again who are working there in the new media department. We had lots of fantastic food at Ennio's. My favourite was bigole - very thick and square shaped spaghetti. We had fantastic pizza with potato (!) and radicchio (of course!). Anerban, Ross's flatmate, cooked the most amazing egg curry for us. I met Ross's mum, nearly met Andy's mum and her poor friend who had a collision with a small dog which caused her tooth to fall out, and lots of nice students - all under 25 by the way.
And who knows, sensomatic might go to fabrica more frequently in the future.