CD-Cover / Catalogue / Facsimile

This is a complicated one.
‘The Little Death’ is the title of artist Oliver Marčeta’s aka Schiebedach’s latest cd. It is also the title of his latest catalogue with facsimiles of his drawings on a note pad. For better confusion the note pad is titled ‘Le Petite Mort’ which is some kind of other language. The songs are sung in German with some heavy Slovenian accent, of course.

If you buy the cd/catalogue/facsimile-thing you can tear all 71 sheets off the note pad. You’ll then have 70 skull variations in your hands plus the track list and some credits. Also don’t forget to listen to the cd.

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Neumeister P/Review

We just designed this 120 pages catalogue for Neumeister auction house about their best results in 2019, advertising highlights for 2020.

back to basics

This year’s christmas installation at Roland Bischel opticians features bold colors and graphic elements.

flying bubbles

Celebrating 30 years of the Filmcasino cinema with 17 seconds of moving bubbles. Now on display at the Filmcasino.
Sound by Kapitän Koch @ discomatic massive

cars and stripes

Two new OBENAUF/ cars with a stripey sensomatic design are on Viennese streets now.

Perfectly fitted by subservice vienna.

flying bricks

From 2d to 3d to moving image. We also created this cinema spot for the WUK.
Sound by Kapitän Koch @ discomatic massive

cup donor

The latest part of the current WUK fundraising campaign:
If you buy a drink at a WUK event you can donate your cup deposit by throwing your cup into one of the fancy new boxes. This will help to keep the WUK up and running.

Fokus Favoriten

Coming up along Favoritenstrasse: Fokus Favoriten, an exhibition of six temporary installations on Favoritenstrasse, curated by KOER Vienna.

For the birds

Booklet for an exhibition of 30 different bird houses in the garden of Hollabrunn hospital, a project by Public Art Niederösterreich. Birds of all species welcome!

Discordo ergo sum

A lot of work went into this 600-pages catalogue of Renate Bertlmann's oeuvre for this year’s Austrian participation at La Biennale Venezia. It is at the same time reader, showcase and sourcebook presenting numerous yet unpublished artworks, along with sketches, thoughts and ideas. Published by Verlag für Moderne Kunst.