Kunst und Kraftwerk

Arts and power plants go together in an exhibition at Kölnbreinsperre, a giant concrete dam 1933 metres above sea level, showing works from the Verbund collection alongside photographs of the power plant‘s building site in the 1970ies.

summer threads

We installed a colour threads display inside our favourite client Roland Bischel’s shop today. Summer 2017 here we go!

Auf die Plätze

Na mesta

Design of posters and programme for Auf die Plätze | Na mesta, carinthia's year of public art 2017, which just started with a 2-day symposium in Klagenfurt. Photos by Gerhard Maurer.

Architecture goes large

Just launched: Clemens Kirsch’s new website is an impressive showcase of the studios work. Designed by us, coded by Alois Gstoettner.

Strasshof Schaudepot

Together with section.a and Wendelin Pressl we designed the Strasshof museums collection as an open and interactive archive. Everybody is invited to add their personal objects and comments. The museum re-opened in december 2016.

happy holidays

we wish all our clients and friends a relaxed christmas break and a good start into 2017!

Let it snow


Those of you who’ve been outdoors in a landscape covered in fresh snow know the very special dampened sound which makes you feel peaceful (or ski crazy).

We’ve simulated that experience in the shop of optician Roland Bischel by covering many surfaces with white acoustic insulation material. So it is not just looking like it has been snowing indoors but also makes you feel you are in the mountains. How cool is that?

Loonies will feel at home, too.

Joseph Binder Award

We received a flag yesterday for our OBENAUF/ building site interventions.

Österreichischer Buchpreis

On tuesday the first Austrian book prize was awarded to Friederike Mayröcker. Our logo was on air in the prime time news.

New books

Two new books just arrived: Fluchtwege and Wachstumsstrategien, both published by Czernin. They make a good pair.