WUK performing arts

The new new

The new design for WUK performing arts features a cleverly folded leaflet along with a poster campaign, beautifully photographed by Apollonia Bitzan. We enjoyed the collaboration.

Annual Report

We designed an annual report for WUK Werkstättenhaus Vienna in order to present an overview of their activities in arts, education and cultural services. Low budget yet highly effective.

The most beautiful Austrian Books


We had the honour to design the brochure about the most beautiful Austrian books again, this year featuring the font Korpus by Binnenland, printed in Wolkersdorf by Holzhausen.

Last Week in Klein Meiseldorf

KOERNOE presented Band 14, the second edition of documentation books designed by sensomatic, in Klein Meiseldorf, along with postcards and KOERNOE tote bags. Thank you for the nice field trip! Get the book here.

Mahler Forum

Save the Date

The Power of Wonder – Astonishment as a Driving Force for Community Building is this year's motto at Mahler Forum, taking place in Klagenfurt and Maiernigg this July.

wildes böckle

going wild

Opening this saturday: wildes böckle on Bruno Marek Allee 22! New kitz on the block, wildes was? going wild in Leopoldstadt, galore.

Cola Bier Ente Herr Tee

Coke Beer Duck Mr Tea

This catalogue about Christian Eisenbergers Land Art was published last year, developed over a period of two years in close collaboration with the artist. Printed by Holzhausen, we are very pleased with the result.

22 years ago …

We just remembered our third and last digital advent calender. Wrju’s adventures in december 2000.
Every day a new screen was unlocked and you had to look for the current day’s cube.
Some of the daily surprises were created by friends, some by us.

Technology has changed a bit in the last 22 years so not all suprises are working anymore.

The exploded goose was created with our legendary rasterizer which transformed greyscale images into pattern images (like this one here).

Buch Wien


It's this time of the year again: days get shorter, temperatures fall, the weather is misty. What better way to spend a day than in a Messehalle full of books? Buch Wien here we come.

Schönste Bücher 2021

This year’s brochure about last year’s Most Beautiful Austrian Books – Die Schönsten Bücher Österreichs – was presented already a few weeks ago. Featuring Soleil by Wolfgang Homola, LEUV print by Holzhausen Druck and beautiful japanese binding by Papyrus.