Die schönsten Bücher Österreichs 2023

We designed the brochure for last years best Austrian book design. This time featuring silver and white print on a black cover, swiss bound.

Another Brick for the Shelves

To be presented next week: this massive and beautiful catalogue for artist Iris Sageder, edited by Angela Stief from Albertina Modern, printed by Gerin Druck.

Are we open?

New campaign for WUK Vienna about openness.

Europan 17 Living Cities 2

Austria and Slovenia

The latest documentation book of the EUROPAN 17 Competition, LIVING CITIES 2, presents projects for 4 cities in Austria and Slovenia. Edited by Europan Austria, printed by Medienfabrik Graz.

Let there be chrome!

and red – and yellow

It’s been a while since we last finished a makover bicycle.

This time a vintage Peugeot bicycle (late 70’s/early 80’s?) got some shiny new and painstakingly polished old and even newly chrome-plated parts.

The red theme was chosen by Annika who now will dazzle the hassled and make the tarmac sizzle.

PS: Yes, we even had some broken screws to be remade by a locksmith!

PPS: Here’s the big picture

Lesen ist schön!

Reading is wonderful, a book about 10 years of exhibitions at the Kinderbuchhaus im Schneiderhäusl, was presented last friday.
Latest news: our book received the »Kröte des Monats« (Toad of the Month) award by STUBE, the Austrian Advisory Board for Children and Youth Literature.

WUK performing arts

The new new

The new design for WUK performing arts features a cleverly folded leaflet along with a poster campaign, beautifully photographed by Apollonia Bitzan. We enjoyed the collaboration.

Annual Report

We designed an annual report for WUK Werkstättenhaus Vienna in order to present an overview of their activities in arts, education and cultural services. Low budget yet highly effective.

The most beautiful Austrian Books


We had the honour to design the brochure about the most beautiful Austrian books again, this year featuring the font Korpus by Binnenland, printed in Wolkersdorf by Holzhausen.

Last Week in Klein Meiseldorf

KOERNOE presented Band 14, the second edition of documentation books designed by sensomatic, in Klein Meiseldorf, along with postcards and KOERNOE tote bags. Thank you for the nice field trip! Get the book here.